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Emile Ndahunga Foundation, Inc

“God does not only bless us but also makes us a blessing to others”

Our Mission

Founded in 2022, Emile Ndahunga Foundation, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to provide tertiary scholarships, fellowships, and academic support for refugee students living in the African Great Lakes Region and to the U.S. refugees, immigrants and citizens residing in different states and cities for we believe that “God does not only bless us but also makes us a blessing to others”.

Founder Emile Ndahunga is the third-born in a family of 7 children. Ndahunga was born to both parents in the Democratic Republic of the congo (D.R.C.) in Uvira territory, South Kivu Province on March 07, 1992…

Our programs are designed to support highly performing students with academic related needs who have graduated from all public and private functioning high schools in their countries and who have been admitted to colleges/ universities.

As far as academic needs are conserned, at Emile Ndahunga Foundation, Inc.; we take into consideration all male and female applicants who meet the minimum requirements regardless of their belief system, family background, social stratification, racial backgrounds, political views or any other human differences…

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