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About Us

About The Founder

Founder Emile Ndahunga comes from a family of 7 children and he’s the 3rd. Ndahunga was born to both parents Vianney Burayobera and Seraphine Mukakarangwa in Uvira territory, a city in South Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo on March 07, 1992…

He was only 10 when the civil war broke out in his country, especially in the region of Ruzizi Plain, South Kivu Province of DR Congo and his family was among the targeted individuals there. They had to flee from Mutarule, Ruzizi Plain, and seek refugee protection in the country of Burundi by crossing Ruzizi River in 2002. In this country, Ndahunga and his family had lived in three different refugee sites or camps named Rugombo, Kishereme, and Karurama in Cibitoke Province, Burundi from 2002 to 2004. Later, with the help of UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency, in December 2004, some refugees including Ndahunga’s family were relocated to Rwanda through border Ruhwa.

In the country of Rwanda, Ndahunga lived in two different camps as a refugee from December 2004 until 2020. Ndahunga came to the USA in 2020 from Nyabiheke refugee camp where he’s been since May, 2005 and was resettled in Salt Lake City, Utah on August, 20th, 2020. 

Emile Ndahunga’s youth-hood was characterized by a refugee life he experienced when he was only 10, where he lived in five different refugee locations in Burundi and Rwanda for 18 years (2002-2020) with no hope of returning to his homeland and lived in exile a fully dependent life where he witnessed a variety of charitable organizations that made a difference by helping people with all they could through offering assistance with schooling, providing refugees with shelter/housing, food, water, protection, and healthcare, just to mention a few and his story tell is all about charitable deeds encountered.

Academically, he has been a beneficiary of DAFI Scholarship which took him back to school in September 2012 and achieved his bachelor’s degree in Sociology in July 2016 from the University of Rwanda and it didn’t stop from there, he also benefited from other educational opportunities like an online Verified Certificate he earned in September, 2018 from Harvard University in “Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster” and in that same year, he also completed a Human Resource Course titled “Preparing to Manage Human Resources” an online course offered by University of Minnesota and recently, in May 2020 he managed to earn a Verified Certificate in “Human Rights: The Rights of Refugees” through Amnesty International Education. All of those things motivated him to pay it forward and took a step to start this Academic Related Organization and named it after himself. “Emile Ndahunga Foundation, Inc.” need.